Automatic and Interactive Image Analysis Software for Brinell-Vicker-knoop Macro and Microhardness Test.
“Hardness Pro” is designed f or operation under windows 8 and windo ws 10 and can inter face with o ffice spreadsheet
application. Navigation within “Hardness Pro” Software is made easy by its clean design and is supported by simple
intuitive gestures. Designed f or touch panel use. APso with an entir ely new look and f eel. 

The Software is simple but high definition testing provides accurate, reproducible test results in the macr o and micro ranges.

  • Automatic or Interactive.
  • Manual measurement mode on live image or acquired image.
  • Automatic calculation of the best circumference that minimizes the average quadratic error with the 90 points f ound.
  • Image acquisition in high resolution multi document environment with 64-bit Colors with all operating systems like windows 8 and windows 10.
  • Accuracy of the measured data us up to 0.001μm.
  • In the event, that the automatic measurement fails, will offered the possibility to manually measure through the acquisition o f three points in Brinell, D1 and D2 in Vick er and Simple L in Knoop .
  • Multifield study is available.
  • The Software meets all requirements to ASTM E 384, ISO 6507 and ISO 4545.
  • Improvement in Image processing performance has improved the indentation measurement of function.
  • Case Hardness depth (CHD) measurement is automatic.
A common application of hardness testing is the evaluation of the hardness depth of the Surface-hardened steel. This is done by performing a series of hardness impression from the edge of the cross sectioned sample toward the center. The hardness progression is plotted on a graph, and the distance from the surface to the so-called Hardness Limit (HL) is calculated.